Union Grove Cemetery in Harshaw, WI

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

14th Annual Veterans Harshaw WI Memorial Ceremony 2012 Pays Tribute to Our Countrymen.

[Harshaw, WI] May 26, 2012 at 11:30am, the 14th Memorial Day Ceremony at Union Grove Cemetery in Harshaw will pay tribute to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country,  Each year we have shared in the force and power of the civil war artillery that marks a special part of our ceremony, this year we will remember the wars effects on this country. .   We remember and honor the veterans and their families, along with our present day armed forces men and women. As the flags fly proudly fly over the ceremony grounds, we honor “All Gave Some and Some Gave All".

For a first time visitor, this is more than a ceremony and tribute.  It is an education into the Armed Forces, respect, tributes, dedication and appreciation to those that have sacrificed in making America a free country.  The POW/MIA table Service ,Which is an important part of this ceremony, which is a reminder for all, that it is still an ongoing effort to bring our troops home, and that they will NOT BE FORGOTTEN. Additionally, the “Ultimate Sacrifice, USA, Inc.” will once again follow their mission of respect and remembrance and join the ceremony as one of their traveling stops across the country.They will be leading the procession from the American Legion post-93 in Tomahawk, to Union Grove Cemetery in Harshaw. Riders will be assembling @ 9:30A.M.

To say this is just a Memorial ceremony is a mere understatement. This is a "remembrance, tribute and appreciation", to communicate the importance of our veterans in our Armed Forces, both deceased and alive today. Unlike most ceremonies, we extend our ceremony beyond speeches.  The numerous presenters and hosts will all being sharing one thought, "respect and remember".

What began as a humble appreciation for a passing veteran and father, Dewey Smith, who's outstanding service contributions made a difference in many lives,Now has become a place to Honor all warriors of past wars and conflicts. Where ever they are, be it land or sea. The Veteran’s Monument at  Union Grove Cemetery, is registered in Madison, WI, as # 4 in Oneida County, Northern Region.

 The Memorial Day Ceremony is held every Saturday, before Memorial Day at the Union Grove Cemetery located in Cassian Township, Oneida County, Harshaw, WI. Ceremony begins at 11:30 A.M. and you are encouraged to bring your own seating.

Donations and participation is always welcome.  Make check payable  to: "Veterans Ceremony". Address and send to: People's State Bank, Att: Craig Lau - "Veterans Ceremony Fund", 8 east Anderson St. , Rhinelander,WI 54501. 
 100% of all funds, go strictly for supporting the Veterans Ceremony, NO administration fee's.